Sample Exercises

Erase Under Eye Bags

Gently place your fingers underneath your eyes
and lift your lower lids (under eye area)
without scrunching the eyebrows.
Use the muscles of the lower lids to lift
the weight of your fingers, then release.
Repeat 20 times, twice a day.

Lift Sagging Jowls

Pull your bottom lip over your top lip.
Tilt your chin up slightly and
 smile towards the top of your ears.
 Hold for the count of ten. Repeat 5 times.
You should feel "the burn"
in your jaw and throat.

Eliminate a double chin

Lie on your back on the bed or floor.
 Slowly raise your head,
touching your chin to your chest.
Then slowly lower your head back down.
Repeat 10 times, working up to
50 a day when you are stronger.

WARNING! Face Aerobics will only work if you do the exercises!

      Commit to the exercises everyday for two weeks
    and you will see dramatic results!

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